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Twitter Bootcamp - Learn Twitter in 10 Days

Twitter is creating buzz, but many people are still unsure how to use it and utilize it for their businesses. I'm here to help.

This 10 day course will answer all of your Twitter questions and get you well on your way to experiencing and gaining value from the Twitter experience. The course is free and each lesson is delivered to you via email.

The 10 day course syllabus is as follows:

Day 1: What is Twitter?
Day 2: Create Your Own Twitter Account
Day 3: Twitter Terminology
Day 4: Twitter Noise (Spam, Porn and other Annoyances)
Day 5: Integrating Twitter Into Your Marketing Mix
Day 6: What is a HashTag
Day 7: Best Practices for Building an Engaged Twitter Following
Day 8: Finding Prospects Using Twitter
Day 9: Time Saving Tools That Help Manage and Optimize Your Use of Twitter
Day 10: Mobile Tweeting (Iphone / Blackberry / Andorids / Palm)

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