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Laura Lake

    Develop Your Annual Marketing Plan - 6 Day Course

    An annual marketing plan will assist you in figuring out what it is that you need to do, how to do it, and when to do it. This marketing plan should go hand-in-hand with your business plan and development.

    In this marketing course we will revisit your marketing goals and determine what it is that you hope to achieve in the upcoming year with your marketing efforts. Often companies avoid this process because they don't know where to begin the process. That is what I am here for.


    Over the next six days I will walk you through the steps of creating a solid marketing plan. At the end of our course you will have completed the following:

    • Preparation of your mission statement and vision for the upcoming year.
    • Discover and define your niche markets.
    • Develop your value proposition.
    • Develop and plan your marketing strategy.
    • Develop your marketing mix.
    • Create a marketing calendar that contains a month-by-month schedule of marketing activities and events for the upcoming year.

    When you have finished the course you will have a strong marketing plan in your hand. This will become an important tool that will help you work smarter not harder at achieving your marketing goals. Each year you will want to revisit this marketing course and revise your marketing plan. Your marketing plan should reflect changes and goals based on the previous year's marketing experience.

    How it Works

    Each day you will receive a new lesson and assignment to complete. I will coach you through the 6 days and by the time you have completed the 6th day you will have created your annual marketing plan. Sign up below to get started today.

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