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Marketing Using Facebook

Facebook is a social media tool. It can be used as a marketing and promotional vehicle if done correctly. Gain tips, insight, tool reviews and other resource information that will help you use Facebook and experience social media marketing success.

Understanding the New Facebook Changes to Brand Pages
Facebook made an announcement last week that they will be making changes to brand pages. They will be integrating the timeline feature. There are pros and cons to businesses when it comes to changes. Learn what's changing and how you can be prepared.

How to Market Your Business on Facebook
When asked to share no-cost and low-cost tips and techniques for marketing, a common thread was social media marketing, particularly Facebook. I know that many of us thought that Facebook, was just for kids, but statistics are proving us wrong daily; a recent report shows that Over half of the 140 million users on Facebook are out of college. Does that peak your interest? Of course it does, so today I'm going to show you two different ways that you can use Facebook to market your business.

Why Does Your Business Use Facebook to Market
Share with other why you have chosen to use Facebook to market your business.

Social Commerce with Facebook Stores
In recent reports it's been shown that Facebook is beating out Google when it comes to internet visits. Many businesses are trying to capture...

Create a Facebook Event via Your Fan Page
Learn how to create a Facebook event via your fan page, rather than your personal profile.

Making Marketing Sense Out of Facebook Open Graph Protocol
Understanding the Open Graph protocol that was recentely introduced by Facebook can help in your social media marketing intiatives. The Open Graph enables web developers to create social aspects to usually ordinary websites. This can open up new marketing opportunities for you, but understanding it and how it works as well as privacy concerns...

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