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Advertising Manager


Marketing Job Title:

Advertising Manager

Job Description:

An Advertising Manager develops, implements, and manages the company's advertising strategy, both from a business, sales and technical perspective. It is their job to Initiate and manage discussion and sales with sponsor and agencies. They spend time negotiating agreements with outside sales representatives. managing the development of sales materials, including media kits. They are generally responsible for managing a group of advertising sales representatives.

Average Salary:

Average salary is $71,892. It's reported that more than 50% of Advertising Managers earn between $59,725 and $87,010

Education/Experience Requirements:

A Bachelors degree and 2 to 4 years of field experience.

Personality Synopsis:

Common traits of Advertising Managers include interpersonal skills, creativity, idea generation, good written expression, oral comprehension, written comprehension, and deductive reasoning.

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