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Explore strategies and techniques that you can use on the Internet that will enhance and support your business's overall marketing objectives. Learn how to use search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, and generate targeted online traffic that will increase sales and brand awareness.
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Interactive, Digital, and Internet Marketing - What's the Difference?
Interactive, digital, internet marketing are each unique, but what makes them different? We often use these terms simultaneously and this can cause confusion. I think it's time we cleared up the confusion. Learn the different between interactive, digital and internet marketing.

How to Calculate Your Conversion Rate
Learn how to determine your website conversion rate. Whether you are collecting leads or selling items online, there is a formula that you can use to calculate your conversion rate.

Internet Marketing - A Viable Marketing Strategy in a Down Economy
Internet marketing is the most cost effective and efficient method marketing during a down economy. Why? Internet marketing allows you to make adjustments within minutes when a marketing campaign is not working. It allows you to reach out to consumers within minutes and specific target your marketing in a way that no other marketing vehicle does.

Cyber Monday
Definition of Cyber Monday

Get Started Marketing Online in 2007
There are many options when it comes to using the internet to market your service or products. This can often leave marketers confused and wondering where to start. Learn a formula that will help you experience internet marketing success in 2007

Using Web Technology as a Means to Strengthen Competitive Advantage
You can strengthen your competitive advantage use web technology and the internet that we have available today. Guest author Alex Margarit shows you some very specific steps on how to do so.

Online Marketing A Necessity Not Just An Option
There are many methods of marketing online including website marketing, search engine marketing, social media, affiliate marketing and content marketing. It's important that each business weighs the pros and cons of each method and then choose the method or methods that will work best for their business. I've put together information regarding each method and the five steps that I think each busi…

Marketing Communication - How Much is Too Much?
Are you over communicating with your clients and customers? This is becoming more of a problem as new communication tools are introduced to our companies. We are using email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and RSS Feeds. Have you ever considered how many messages you are sending out using all of these marketing vehicles? It may be time to consider that while technology has made us more efficient …

Are You Interacting or Interrupting Potential Customers?
Marketing is changing and if you are stuck in the old patterns of marketing you may be taking your business down a destructive path. Consumers want more engagement and interaction from those that they buy from. Our consumers have faced an overstimulation of marketing messages and now in order to get their attention you must do something different. Are you interacting or interrupting your…

QR Code Best Practices
QR codes seem to be the craze as of late. However, for your campaign to be successful you must understand the profile of the QR code user and best practices. Make sure you make the most of your QR code campaign and ensure that it is effective and efficient.

Top 4 Digital Marketing Strategies of 2014 You Don't Want to Miss
We continue to see a shift when it comes to marketing, more and more companies are allocating more of their budgets to digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing brings us several benefits, so this shift is understandable, but how do you know what strategies you should be focused on? Read my predictions on digital marketing strategies that will be crucial in 2014.

Three Step Formula to Writing Titles that Get the Click
You find writing easy, but for some reason you just can't get people to click-thru and read your articles. Why is that? Did you know that as individuals we look for specific criteria to determine if we will click-thru to an article in search, social media and newsfeeds? Learn more about that criteria and the three step formula that will help you in writing titles that get the click.

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