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Marketing Strategies You Will Need in 2013


As we enter into a new year, I always like to identify the upcoming marketing trends that I believe will play an important part in businesses getting their message in front of consumers. We've seen a lot of transition over the last five years. Think about it, previously businesses were putting their marketing dollars in billboards, yellow pages, television and even radio commercials. While these methods of marketing are still valid in today's market, they seem to have less of an impact in getting a consumer to take action and serve as tools to create brand awareness.

As consumers we have changed, we want to interact with companies we buy from. We want to associate a personality with those businesses. We want to participate in the sales process, but we want to participate at our own leisure. We know where to go to find information when we are researching a purchase and we don't want to be interrupted. Think about it, we have digital radio without commercials if we upgrade, we digitally record movies so that we can bypass the commercials, and we make the decision on when we want to be marketed to.

A prime example of marketing that interrupts the consumer and is receiving backlash for it is the Facebook advertisements, and Twitter advertisements that have yet to get off of the ground. Consumers that are on social media don't want to be "blasted" with your marketing message. In 2013 we will see more marketing that is permission based and uses inbound tactics. Let's take a look at the five marketing trends that I believe will increase over the next 12 months and continue to change our marketing landscape.

Inbound Marketing
In the next year we will see an increased need to rive leads and increase revenue utilizing permission based marketing such as inbound marketing. Inbound marketing can be content
, blog or social media relationship where information is subtly offered without the high pressure of the past.  We will build relationships with consumers using inbound marketing and through those relationships we will be able to cultivate, nurture and convert leads using strategically placed content. I believe we will also see the term "inbound" used in more job titles and descriptions because it houses the skills of social, search engine marketing, content, and public relations without being so limiting.

Increase Mobile and Tablet Usage
We will see an increase in people using their mobile phones and tablets to get information. This year the holiday season was deemed as the year of the tablet. We saw an increase in sales with the iPad, Kindle Fire and Nexus. In 2013 it is predicted by Forrester Research that there will be over 67.7 million tablet users and that the number will grow to 82.1 million users by 2015. This is up from 10.30 million users in 2010. Because of this we will see more responsive design in 2013. For businesses it's very expensive to create a desktop experience, mobile experience and a tablet experience so you will see many business opt for a responsive design where their site changes based on the size of the device that is used. Responsive design will provide a stronger and more personalized experience for consumers, which will be important in 2013. Mobile will become a line item in the marketing budget for the majority of businesses, so it's not something to hit the snooze button on.

Social Media Integration
For the last few years we've been trying to figure out how to manage all of our social media accounts and platforms effectively and it's not been an easy task. I believe in 2013 social media marketing will become less siloed and their would be a framework that is built that helps businesses integrate social media. We will see an integration of technologies and we will also see social media behavior and data pulled into the overall marketing mix, this will help us in reaching consumers with relevant messages in real-time. Perhaps we will find a way to sync social media data with our CRMs and this will help us to better segment our messages, increasing the overall response. We will rethink our social media strategies in 2013 and begin to formally apply metrics to the results. In the past many companies have not created a formal plan when it came to their social media efforts, that's about to change, you will see more businesses identifying their objectives when it come s to getting involved and they will create metric projections based on those objective, measure, analyze and determine if social media has been effective in reaching their goals.

Content Marketing
While this could have been included in inbound marketing, I feel like it's important enough to single out on its own. It used to be if you knew search engine optimization you could use techniques and tactics to get a first page listing. That's not the case anymore. Search engines want to see fresh content on websites that is relevant to what their users search for. Search engine marketing is less about the tricks of the trade and whether or not you've incorporated the right H1 tag and the right keywords. It's now about creating original and quality content that is socially consumed and shared, otherwise known as content marketing. We will see a bigger overlap in search, social, and content. Content will serve as the driver in 2013.

Local Search
It's getting tougher to get that first page rank on search engines and a key factor in that is that search engines are now using location to determine what results to provide. We will see local search marketing rise due to the increase in mobile usage. More consumers will find valid results in Google Local, Bing Local and Yahoo Local. The problem is many businesses don't even rank their yet, so you will see a scramble to get a listing especially when businesses realize how much they are losing in mobile traffic and searches.

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