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Five Tips to Generate Word of Mouth Marketing


We all know that economic times are tough. I always suggest that businesses don't pull their marketing budget. Not all businesses listen, unfortunately.

That's why I want to share with you a few tips that will help you generate word of mouth marketing for your business.

Word-of-Mouth marketing is the most difficult to measure, but it's also the most cost effective, because it costs you nothing.

Your customers are the best vehicle for positive word-of-mouth marketing, but how can you get them to talk about you?

Ask them to try your product.

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If you want consumers to talk about your product, ask them to try and then to tell others about it. This is an effective way to build excitement and genuine recommendations.

Find ways to make your customers feel like company insiders.

Involve them, ask their opinion and then listen. Make them feel like their feedback and opinion matters. Create a list that shares with them upcoming events, product or specials that are coming up.

Provide a forum for influences to have a conversation on behalf of your brand.

Give influencers a forum to share their opinion and feedback. This could be a company sponored cocktail party or as simply as an online forum for selected customers only.

Provide quality service and treat every customer with respect.

Give your consumer something good to talk about. Show them quality in service and treat every customer with respect. Do you think Starbucks became popular because of their $4.00 lattes? No they became popular because they made an effor to know their customers names and remember their favorite drinks. They provide quality and experience, that's why customers paid $4.00 for a latte. Unfortunately they've gotten a little lax on it lately, but in the beginning they had it down to a science. Perhaps if they were focus on it again they might see a brighter economic future in these tough times.

Stay in touch, provide them with specials that they want to talk about.

Put your consumers in the know. Inform them of specials, send them coupons and by all means stay in touch. This will not only increase their visits, but it will get them talking about you.

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