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25 Marketing Quotes You Can Learn From
There are times that in marketing we can all get stuck and sometimes scanning quotes of inspiration and action can help us to find our lost footing. Over the years I have collected quotes that have inspired me to approach something differently or have just helped me through a mental dry spell. I have pulled those quotes together in hopes of helping you push through whatever block you are facing.

End of the Year Marketing Checklist
The end of the year can be such a busy time. It's the time that we start to consider holiday marketing, holiday planning and our end of the year marketing checklist. The success of the next year is very dependent upon our planning process and marketing strategy. This is a good time to roll-up our sleeves and start digging into what has worked and what hasn't worked and start planning the upcoming year. Use this end of the year checklist to help you build momentum and get a good start on the upcoming year.

5 Ways to Inspire Yourself and Push Through a Marketing Mental Block
It happens to the best of us, we hit a mental block. We have a deadline and we just can't come up with a new creative idea to draft a much needed marketing campaign. Learn 5 ways that you can break through your marketing mental block and gain inspiration.

Five Free Online Project Management Courses
Many marketers are finding themselves in the role of project manager, but to be honest the brain of a marketer and project manager often work very different. A marketer is creative and strategic and project managers are good with the details and seeing a strategy through. Learn how to acquire the skills needed to project manage.

The Art of Listening: Market Research Tools That Any Company Can Use
Using the art of listening is so crucial to the success of your company’s marketing, that to deny it is to invite failure. Follow along as guest author Jay Lipe show you how to use marketing research to funnel knowledge into your marketing programs.

Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Plan
I consistently see people struggle with the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan. It's important to understand that there is a difference and that difference can impact how you market your business and whether or not it is successful. Learn the difference and how you can use these two tools not only to enhance you...

Top Marketing Consultant - Mack Collier
Mack Collier is a top marketing consultant. His specialty is social media marketing. He share his advice and tips to those that desire to be a marketing consultant.

How to Write a Marketing Brief
A marketing brief that has been thoughtfully put together can not only help you in saving time, but it can also help you save money. Learn how to create an effective marketing brief in ten steps.

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