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Resources that will teach you how to build a "value-added" brand in today's competitive global marketplace by creating an effective, integrated strategy involving advertising, marketing, publicity, and research.
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Brand Beyond Marketing
Despite what many believe, brand isn’t about your logo, tagline and glossy brochure. Your brand extends to your employees, customers, the media and even the general public as the above story illustrates. Learn how to brand beyond marketing.

Top 5 Personal Branding Tips
Regardless of the type of business you may be involved in, and whether your office is on Wall Street or in the basement of your own house, you have a personal brand. Many are aware of the role branding plays in influencing our decision-making from the business of marketing, but imagine now that you already represent your own brand as much as...

Personal Branding: Is It Right For You?
Personal branding can single an individual out as an expert in their field, but are there downfalls to personal branding vs. company branding? Find out if Personal Branding is for you and how to go about it effectively.

How to Write Your Personal Branding Statement
Your personal branding statement serves as your personal catchline that informs others of your expertise. Learn how to write your own personal branding statement, just remember the job of your personal branding statement is to "grab" the attention, it is not supposed to tell your entire story.

How to Build Your Own Brand
Personal branding should be a priority for everyone. Long gone are the days of individuals staying at a job 15 to 20 years. You have got to be an expert on something. The most important job that you have today is to be the President of your own brand. Personal branding takes consistency, dedication and work, but using today's technology anyone...

Internal Branding - Branding From the Inside Out
Truth is marketing starts from the inside out. Branding starts with your employees. If they are not reflecting your brand this could be diminishing your marketing efforts. Find out how to get your employees involved and behind your brand.

7 Tips on Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand
Building your personal brand is not an option, but rather a requirement. Personal branding can help you in building your own business, but it can also be the secret sauce to helping your resume stand out from the crowd. Learn how to create and grow your personal brand with these 7 tips.

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