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Marketing Plan Tutorials and Samples

The importance of an effective marketing plan cannot be stressed enough. Tips, advice, and samples of great marketing plans are available.

Understanding the Media Buying Step-by-Step Process
Media buying, sounds complicated doesn't it? Are you ready to learn how to conduct media buying by completing five steps? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy media and get the results that you want.

Create a 90-Day Marketing Plan
We've all heard of creating our annual or five-year marketing plan, but have you ever considered creating a 90-day marketing plan? There are many benefits to creating your marketing plan in 90-day increments. Learn more about those benefits and how to go about creating your plan today.

Identifying Marketing Tactics that Support Your Marketing Strategies
You've created your marketing strategy and you have identified your goals and objectives, but how do you know what tactics to use to get to those objectives? Use this checklist to select the right tactics that will get you to your end goal.

Quantifying Your Marketing Efforts
It's true we spend marketing dollars to display at tradeshows, to attend events, to hold conferences, and to produce marketing material for campaigns. How do we know what we are getting in return? How can we quantify the results to make sure they are worth the revenue spent?

How to Write a Slogan that Sticks
Your slogan should stick in the minds of those that hear it or see it, but that isn't always the case. After all, how do you create a slogan that has the components that make it memorable and sticky? Let me show you six components that will help you create that slogan that people won't forget.

Step by Step Guide to the Fundamentals of Marketing

Internal Communications is Not Only Important it Takes Skill
Internal communications can help to create clarity and unify the organization, so that everyone within the organization are working towards the same goal. Unfortunately internal communications doesn't often have the impact that it could. Learn why internal communication is important, how to identify your objectives as well as your message distribution.

Build Your Marketing Plan
Want to get started on your marketing plan? Don't know where to start? HowStuffWorks provides you with 13 short lessons on how to create a marketing plan.

MPlans is in the business of selling software, but don't overlook the several marketing plan examples they provide, they may prove useful in helping you draft your marketing plan.

Planning A Strategic Marketing Plan
Tips on how to plan the perfect marketing plan, brought to you by Smartbiz.com.

Sample Marketing Plans from Bplans.com
While the company offering this site is primarily in the business of selling its planning software they do offer several marketing plan examples that may prove useful.

Small Business Administration
SBA training session program which contains all the necessary information for writing a marketing plan.

What is a Marketing Plan?
A marketing plan serves as a roadmap to business to help guide and direct them in their marketing initiatives, but why is this important? Learn how a marketing plan can help you and what goes into a marketing plan that makes it complete and usable.

Understanding the Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing
I'm often asked how business-to-business (B2B) marketing is different than business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. Although you are still selling a product or a service to a person the marketing is difference for B2B and B2C. The purchase motivation is different and they have different needs when it comes to the information that they need in order to make the decision to purchase. The differences…

The Entrepreneur's Marketing Plan
Smartbiz.com teaches the entrepreneur how to write an effective marketing plan.

The Marketing Plan... Your Blueprint For Success
The importance of an efficient and effective market plan cannot be stressed enough, say the people at Smartbiz.com!

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