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Relationship Marketing

Customer relationships are key to your marketing strategy. Use these resources to learn why it is important and how you can improve the service you provide your customers and clients.

Customer Relationships Are Key to Your Marketing Strategy
Learn how you can increase your sales by 50% without increasing your marketing budget by nurturing, retaining, and maintaining your customer relationships with your existing customer base.

5 Ways to Incorporate the Human Element Into Your Marketing
How do you create the personal feel in a digital world? You must create interaction and relationships with consumers that have the potential to be a customer. Consumers still buy from those they like and trust. It does not matter whether you are selling to consumers, businesses or you are a not-for-profit looking for a way to increase donations...

What Makes Great Customer Service
There has never been a time to provide the best customer service than in today's world. Consumers today buy more on the service that they receive rather than price. Don't get me wrong price is important, but many consumers will pay a higher price just to receive great customer service. Learn what makes great customer service.

Tips to Improve Customer Service
There was never a more important time to project great customer service than today. Customer service is crucial to the growth of any business. It doesn't matter whether you are a product or a service oriented company. It doesn't matter if you are targeting consumers or businesses. If customer do not get the service that they desire they will go...

Customer Service Tips
Customer service is crucial to businesses today. What customer service tips do you have for businesses looking to improve customer service and step up their game?

What Role Does Customer Service Play in Marketing?
Customer service plays an important role in the marketing piece of your business. Marketing brings a customer in, customer service keeps them coming back. Learn why it's so important to the growth of your business.

Going on Vacation? Take Care of Your Customers Anyway.
It's that time of year where many of us planning vacations and time away. Have you created a plan to ensure that your customers will be taken care of? Here are a few tips that can help you in creating a "out of office" messaging that will leave your customers at ease.

Work is Necessary, Struggle is Optional
Entrepreneurs often struggle with the task of marketing. There is work to be done if you want your marketing to be successful, but you need to work smarter, not harder. C.J. Hayden shows you a formula that will help you in your marketing efforts and keep you within your budget.

Getting Rid of the Rulebook
Is there a time to rid your company of the rulebook in order to increase consumer satisfaction and enhance the customer experience. A rulebook should never replace the common sense of customer service and relationship marketing. Learn how some companies didn't bend the rules and lost customers because of it. After reading these scenarios you...

From Prospect to Client in Thirty Seconds
The process of converting a prospect to a client can seem like it takes forever. You meet a prospective client, follow up with him or her over time, and hopefully have a chance to make a sales presentation or schedule an initial consultation at no charge. Learn how you can turn your prospect to client in thirty seconds.

Asking for Referrals: A Key Strategy for Business Development Success
Referrals are a great source of new business. And yet, most lawyers don't actively seek them, It’s a shame, because asking for referrals is one of the most efficient and effective business development activities. Learn how to get referrals from your current client base in this guest article by Sara Holtz.

What Do Your Clients Need?
Trying to get clients when you're not really sure what they need or want makes you an answer in search of a question. You're going to have to turn your key in an awful lot of locks before you find the one that it fits. What do your client's need? Learn how to answer that question in this guest article by C.J. Hayden.

Is Your Marketing Database Ready For Prime Time?
We all know the importance of having our marketing database ready to go at a moments notice, but most companies aren't prepared for prime time when it comes to their marketing database. Use these helpful suggestions by guest author Perry Norgarb to get your database in tiptop shape

The Ten Commandments of Great Customer Service
Customer service is an integral part of our job and should not be seen as an extension of it. A company's most vital asset is its customers. Without them, we would not and could not exist in business. Learn the Ten Commandments of Customer Service by guest author Susan A. Friedmann.

Increasing Business With Strategic Partnerships
It can be tough to find new prospects or get sales from past customers and clients. Learn how you can create strategic partnerships and easily increase business by doing so.

Building Your Marketing Network Online
Business networking has never been easier. In our technical world your next business prospect could only be a mouse-click away. Find out how to use these new online business networking communities to network and exchange services with other professionals.

Explore the Value of Customer Retention
Do not underestimate the value of customer retention. Learn how you can create customer loyalty and design a marketing and sales plan that creates stickiness among your customers and clients.

Customer Relationships Are Key to Your Marketing Strategy
Learn how you can increase your sales by 50% without increasing your marketing budget by nurturing, retaining, and maintaining your customer relationships with your existing customer base.

Approaching Arrogance
It's not about you... it's about their perception of you, by Jim Gould

Ladder of Dreams
Jerry Fletcher shows how to develop a business network and understand the hierarchy of referrals.

Listen to Your Visitors!
Focus Associates describes how to figure out what can keep your visitors interested, and more importantly... returning.

Five Best Practices When It Comes to Excelling at Customer Service
Customers have choices. Are they choosing you? Learn how to implement five best practices that will not only improve your customer service, but help your business excel and grow.

The Customer Is Always Right... and Other Myths
For too many years, there have been "accepted truths" in business, and Rick Phillips busts them!

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