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Small Business Marketing

If you have a small business and don't have enough resources to hire your own marketing firm don't sweat it. These resources will help you get started in learning how to effectively market your own business.
  1. Marketing Basics (19)

Making Time for Marketing
Are you self-employed and running your own business solo? If so, how are you suppose to find time for marketing when you are the only one to serve the clients and manage day-to-day business tasks? Learn how you can make time for marketing activities in your busy life.

Have You Created an Impossible Business?
It's easy to think that any business can be successful if you work hard enough, but there are many situations where this just isn't so. Consultants, coaches, and other service professionals often start a business believing that all they need to do is charge a "reasonable" fee and sell "enough" of their time. But unless you do the math to prove or disprove your assumptions, you may be creating a business that can never succeed. Have you created a business that is impossible to succeed at?

Top 10 Rules for Small Business Success
Running a small business that reaches success can at times be difficult, but not impossible. There are many things that can be done to grow your business. In this guest article by Brian Grinonneau explains how sometimes even the basic rules can help you reach the success you desire.

Inconsistency in Your Marketing Can Kill Your Small Business
When it comes to marketing, more isn't necessarily better. It's important to find the vehicles that work and create consistency. Often small business owners and entrepreneurs are trying too many marketing initiatives at a time and not only running out of money, creating frustration, but they are also killing their business at the same time....

What is Marketing
What is marketing? It seems like a simple questions, but the answer can often be confusing and unclear. Learn what marketing is and what role it plays in any business.

How I Started Marketing My Small Business
Learn how small business owners have marketed their small business. Their stories can inspire, motivate you and help you in generating marketing ideas for your own business. See submissions

Understand the Importance of Local Marketing
The way that interactive marketing is changing local businesses are starting to get a marketing advantage. Many times when people will do a query online to search for a product or service online local businesses will appear on the first page. Do you understand the importance of local marketing and how it could benefit your business? Learn...

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