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Learn More About Google's Social Media Network Google+


As if we all didn’t have enough to do with social media, I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard the buzz about Google Plus+. Google Plus+ is Google’s new social layer. Google rolled out Google Plus+ at the end of June, but only to those with invites and only personal profiles, not businesses – yet! The Google Plus+ network has already passed the 10 millionth user and with over one billion pieces of content shared daily it doesn’t look like this social network train is going to slow down.

Who will you find swarming the Google+ network?

Early adopters were comprised of luminaries, marketers and businesses. I’m sure you can imagine the shock when users realized there was no place for a business to build on within the Google Plus+ universe.

Ahhh, well at least not yet! “It’s coming!” says Google.

You’ll just have to be patient while waiting it out for the next few months. Google promises to launch Google+ business profiles with all the bells and whistles – ok, maybe not all, but some very important ones. The business profiles will be equipped with analytics and advanced sharing options that will trump those of Facebook.

Now, I know that many businesses are so excited that they’ve jumped in and sloshed around in the pool of Google+. Some have even gone as far as to create business profiles with their personal accounts. If I’m talking to you – stop! You are probably causing more harm than good. You will not be able to migrate those profiles into business profiles, switching those accounts could get messy not to mention frustrate your followers.

Go ahead and dig into the personal side of Google+, get familiar with it, that will only do you good. But when it comes to your business wait it out I promise the shiny new social media toy will be here before we know it. When it arrives, we’ll be the first to tell you and will also pass along a few tips to help you get started – that’s a promise. If you don’t have an invite yet, that’s ok you can come and be our guest. Just accept my invitation to register for your Google+ account, but hurry they’ve only given me 150 invites.

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