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Make Yourself an Expert!


Be the Expert
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Can I let you in on a little marketing secret? If you are lacking exposure or the kind of public relations you would love to have, it's time to start showing yourself as an expert. This isn't a fake it until you make it speech, it's simply teaching you how to become an expert that can be found. Have you ever wondered how people get picked for magazine interviews or how news channels find experts for certain segments of their show?

They go online. They use to use books that would help them hunt down experts in a certain field, but now the majority of their research is done online. After all, isn't that where you go when you look for expertise advice?

Let's take a look at 5 steps that can help you achieve the expert level that you desire and get the recognition that you've been working so hard for.

  1. Prove your point
    Don't just say you are an expert; prove it. Have you written articles? Do you have success stories to share? What about quotes on your abilities by current clients and associates? Your expertise is only as strong as your online exposure.
  2. Put yourself out there
    Frequent forums within your industry and answer questions that others may have. Publish articles on industry wide sites. Sure it takes some work and you might have an article that gets rejected here and there - but don't stop. Hire a copywriter if you lack writing skills. Pen your thoughts and hand them over, it's ok to let them do the composition and grammatical work.

    Also if you don't own a website - preferably one with your own name as the domain - try to figure out a way to get it. If that's impossible you may want to consider changing your name, ok just kidding. Truth is you do want to have an online domain whether it be your company domains or a creative marketing domain it's important to have one that people will remember.

  3. Network Online
    We all know that social networks are popular online, but they aren't just for kids anymore. Many people are creating profiles that showcase their expertise and their knowledge as well as their network of contacts. If you aren't using social networks you my friend are missing out on opportunities that your competitors are gaining.
  4. Google Yourself
    Are you there? If not, it's time to hire a search engine optimization expert or teach yourself. If you can't find yourself - others seeking out your expertise can't either. You also want to make sure that when you do Google yourself that the results don't contain inappropriate material. Always remember that the Internet is an open book and what you post online stays online. There are many people that have ruined there careers by thinking that their "hidden" lives will never be found out. Fact is - it's untrue. If you do find that your past is haunting you in the Google results you may want to consider trying to clean it up yourself or invest in hiring a reputation/identity company.
  5. Stay Above the Trends
    Now that you've put yourself out there as an expert you have to walk the talk. Do what you write about. Stay on top of your industry. Be the first to write about what's going on. Don't be afraid to put your voice out there including your opinion. To stay an expert you must stay ahead of the game; nap time is over.
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