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Readers Respond: Marketing Career Success Story

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Share your career story. How did you find your job? What is your title? What do you do? What tips do you have for those looking to break into the career field of marketing?


My break came in the mid 1990's when I read about the first $100 million PowerBall winner in Wisconsin. Wisconsin had hundreds of small towns. I hit the library to read everything available on marketing and advertising in small towns and found nothing. So in 1998 I launched www.smalltownmarketing.com and self-published, "How to Market, Advertise and Promote Your Business or Service in a Small Town. In 2003 I wrote, "The Small Town Advertising Handbook: How to Say More and Spend Less." In 2007 John Wiley & Sons contacted me and asked to be my publisher. In 2008 they released, "How to Market, Advertise and Promote Your Business or Service in Your Own Backyard." The books lead to workshops and seminars directed at associations that had members in small towns. I have been in Costco Connection magazine (twice), Emerging Business, Business Adviser, Vetreprenaur Magazine as well as magazines in China, Turkey, India and the UK. Also a weekly, 3 hr. radio show that streams worldwide.

How I started in Marketing

Like your story mine also started in a different way. I worked for a major bank as a business consultant for more than a decade. One day I just realized that it wasnt my calling, I had spent more than a decade listening to business owners speaking about their failures and successes and I found that the number one reason for business failing was marketing (lack of it and wrong marketing activities). Even though I learned a lot from my clients, I started teaching myself everything from scratch. Today I am a known as a consultant with creative ideas and a high work ethic.
—Guest Francois van Rooyen

How I got into marketing

After graduating from University of Memphis with Journalism/PR degree, I was fortunate to land a job as the Content Editor for Varsity.com, the website for all Varsity Brands. It was a natural transition, having been a cheerleader for 11 years and multiple PR internships, through which I gained a wealth of knowledge. Just over 3 years later, I applied for a Marketing Manager position, as I was looking for more of a challenge and to move up within an organization. It was a grueling interview process, but I got the job thanks to my qualifications and references. Over 4 years later, I'm still here and have gained more knowledge than I ever imagined in this ever-evolving field of business marketing. My advice? Get involved in networking groups, attend high-value educational conferences, intern with respectable companies, subscribe to and learn from top marketing blogs, and remember that marketing is always changing. It's imperative that we as marketers stay up-to-date on the latest trends.
—Guest Beth Wilson

How I Got Into Marketing

I got my first big break in marketing almost by accident! I reached out to a former college friend to join his new, small, start-up entertainment company. I was only able to intern at the time, but by doing so it gave me the opportunity to work in every department (including front desk receptionist!). However, when I landed in the marketing department, I knew I had found my calling. I loved to see the finished project of a photoshoot, video, or a commercial after all of the legwork was done. The idea of creating something new and cutting-edge every time was very exciting. After getting my first full-time marketing job, I continued to network with the major players in my industry. It also didn't hurt that I was associated from the ground up with the marketing and branding campaigns of some award winning projects. Hands down, I will say that networking gave me my biggest career break. To this day, as owner of my own branding company, networking is the number way to reach new clients.
—Guest Kelly Green

Brian Chandler | Commonwealth PR

After working as a reporter for three years and being tired of nightly deadlines and the grind, I decided to look for a PR job. It was actually in Charlotte, N.C. and I would go down the list in the Yellow Pages (before Internet) and call everyone involved in PR. Finally a freelancer said she just had lunch with a friend at a big agency who was looking to expand. One call and an interview led to a job that lasted 10 years. That job was the foundation for me eventually opening my own agency Commonwealth Public Relations in Richmond, VA. The rest is history.
—Guest Brian Chandler

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