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Exploring Careers in Marketing

Is a Career in Marketing Right for You?


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A career in marketing can take you in several different directions. Marketing in comprised of many facets and activities. You will find that there are many opportunities in marketing, but the common denominator of those opportunities is the sense of ownership over the product and/or service and the necessity to understand the customers needs and desires and then be able to translate those needs in the communication of your marketing strategy. That marketing communication can be done in several ways that is why a career in marketing opens several doors as a profession.

In the marketing profession your job will be to take a "generic" product and/or service and associate that product or service with a brand name. Marketing can be defined as being the intermediary function between product development and sales. Think of it as the storehouse for such things as advertising, public relations, media planning, sales strategy, and more. It's the marketing professionals job create, manage, and enhance brands. This ensures that consumers look beyond the price and function of a product or service when they are weighing consumption options. A key part of a career in marketing is to understand the needs, preferences, and constraints that define the target group of consumers or the market niche corresponding to the brand. This is done by market research.

The great thing about marketing is it is a function that is needed in every company in every industry, so career potential is unlimited. There are career tracks in marketing that you can follow. You can find many opportunities in marketing in the following categories:

  • Market Research
  • Brand Management
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Public Relations

Let's take a closer look into each of these categories and find the one that best fits your personality.

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