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Marketing Internships - How to Land the One You Want


A study done by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) shows that employers favor students who have internships on their resumes. An internship is a terrific way to gain experience in the everyday life of a marketer. In fact, 42.3% of college seniors with internships experience who applied for a job received at least one job offer, only 30.7% of seniors without internship experience received a job offer.

These statistics alone show the value in a marketing internship. Your first step in finding a marketing internship is to realize what you hope to gain in the experience. Take a few moments and reflect on what made you want to get into marketing. Knowing these things will give you more direction when choosing an area of expertise.

Decide what you want from your internship. Consider the skills, expertise, and networking strategies that oils want to receive.

Think about the type of company you want to work for. Take into consideration the size, structure, and statistics when choosing a company.

Pick a field that is best for you. Do an extensive search. There are many different fields and the smallest differences in names can make the businesses drastically different.

Get a time and place of the internship. See how far it is from your residence, and if you might need to move. Decide if the time frame for the internship and travel will conflict with your schedule.

Make a plan to market yourself. Research marketing strategies and implement those. Also, research tips on how agents operate. This shall be helpful in marketing oneself.

Decide if you want credits from your college for your marketing internship. This will help to prevent any misunderstandings.

Build yourself up professionally. Dress the part. Create a resume and cover letter. Write down a list of commonly asked questions and answer them. Attend mock interviews. Do your research on your particular field.

Research the company in which you want to intern. Understand their techniques, standards, and criteria. This will better prepare you.

Use you school as a resource to help you find an internship. You may speak with your advisor or counselor. Let them know you aspirations and skills.

Apply for internships. Use your connections you made through networking. Use websites like FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn to network and find marketing internships. This is a daily, continuous process. Apply for every internship within your field and your willingness to travel. Keep a record of all your applications and the applications' status. Do not overlook non-profit organizations and other smaller groups. Apply for at least ten positions.

Follow up. This brings to the potential employer's attention that you have motivation, persistence, and drive that will be needed in their marketing business. Check on your application status and thank them for the opportunity.

Constantly keep applying for internships. The world of marketing is constantly shifting. Marketing has one of the highest turnover rates in the work force so new opportunities are always presenting themselves. This will enable you to apply for positions as they become available.

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