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Market Research : Demographics

Useful sites that give demographics, facts, figures, statistics, etc. Several useful surveys and related studies also included.

Power of Generation Marketing
The method of marketing to a specific generation is affecting the way that we promote and sell products and services. Learn more about the power of generation marketing and how it can boost your sales.

American Demographics / Marketing Tools
Extensive site dedicated to the entire field of demographics and related information.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
If you’re looking for information on the state of business in the U.S., here’s a single source for everything from regional and industry outlooks to job forecasts and consumer spending trends.

CyberAtlas offers coverage of the current trends in Internet advertising, commerce, demographics, market size, and several buzz-word areas. You will find a a good overview of the Internet as a marketplace with easy-to-understand content and links to relevant resources.

MRI provides syndicated reports and data for electronic access to marketing professionals in virtually all media, based on 26,000 annual interviews with consumers throughout the U.S.

MIT: Web and Internet Growth
Site studying the growth of people on the Internet as well as those with access to the WWW; developed and maintained by researchers at MIT.

Searchable Census
An online census search providing access to the information gathered in the April 200 census including population, housing, demographic and geographic data.

Real-time source of Internet statistics and user trends compiled by researchers.

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