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Plan Your Marketing Strategy

Having a marketing strategy can be the life or death of a business. If you aren't sure how to begin developing your marketing plan and strategy these resources will help you.
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Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Plan
What is the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan? It's important to understand that there is a difference and that difference can impact how you market your business and whether or not it is successful. Learn the difference and how you can use these two tools not only to enhance you marketing, but to help in saving time...

Marketing During a Recession
It's true businesses are pulling their marketing budgets and as a result they are going to see a decrease in sales, while their competitors will continue to market and see growth during these difficult economic times. Learn the importance of marketing during a recession and gain the information you need to do it effectively and at low to no cost.

What to Look for When Outsourcing Your Marketing
The option to outsource marketing functions is becoming increasingly popular. If you are evaluating the option to outsource there are a few things you should know when selecting a marketing consultant or outside firm. Learn what information your should gather and what things you should look for to find the right marketing consultant for you.

What’s the Future for Marketing in the Media Industry?
Like any business, the media industry evolves in cycles. The career potential for marketers in the media industry is anticipated to keep growing. Learn what you need to know about the future for marketing in the media industry and how to break into the career path in this guest article by Rick Linde.

Integrated Marketing - What is it and Why is it Important?
Integrated marketing is a word we hear thrown around quite often, but what is it and why should we care? What exactly do we mean by integrated marketing? Learn how one campaign could have taken advantage of integrated marketing and see an increase not only in results but their return on investment.

4 Ways to Overcome Marketing Challenges Forever
For most small business owners, marketing is an overwhelming concept. They need marketing solutions that ensure a smooth-running, profitable business yet most don't know where to begin or how to focus their efforts. Guest author Leslie Hamp shows you four ways to overcome marketing challenges forever.

Ten Historic Marketing Flops
Successful marketing is often a lot of trial and error. Unfortunately some errors can follow companies throughout history. Learn about ten historic marketing flops that have continued to stick in the minds of consumers. Understanding these flops that have been launched by major companies can help you in avoiding the same mistakes.

Being Unique is a Good Thing... Isn't It?
Distinguishing your product or service from the competition can make your marketing more effective. Learn how to stand out in a crowd by being unique.

Marketing Power In Podcasting
Podcasts are audio or video files distributed over the internet. Listeners download the files, and either play them on the computer or a listening device, such as an I-Pod. Learn how you can market your company using the new technology of podcasting.

Dare to Be Different In Your Marketing
Why is it so difficult to find new ideas in the industry of marketing? Have we become complacent when it comes to developing new campaigns and strategies? Is it just easier to copy campaigns and change them up to make them our own? Learn how getting back to the basics can help you stand out and put you on a path that is unique and different. By daring to be different I guarantee you'll see the effectiveness and the excitement of your marketing endeavors increase.

Changing Your Position When There's Competition
Are you finding many of your best prospects already working with competitors? When you pursue a new opportunity, is someone else capturing the prize? Maybe it's time to re-evaluate your positioning. Learn how in this guest article by C.J. Hayden.

Make More Money with Marketing Metrics
Knowing which marketing endeavors pay dividends will save you time, money and effort by allowing you to focus your marketing budget on tactics that work. Learn how to measure the effect of your marketing efforts to make more money in this week's guest article by Jeremy Cohen.

Is Procrastination Holding You Back?
Putting off unappealing tasks may be human nature, but for an entrepreneur, procrastination can be deadly. Is it holding you back? Find out how to overcome procrastination in this guest article by C.J. Hayden.

What's Your Marketing Attitude?
As business owners you may not lacking in the knowlege of marketing techniques but what about your marketing attitude? Are you sabotaging your own marketing efforts by carrying the wrong attitude? Find out in this guest article by C.J. Hayden.

How Retailers Will Compete for Your Business this Holiday Season
It's that time of year, when retailers compete for your business and they've put their marketers to work to capture your attention and your dollars in the 2010 holiday season. Learn what strategies and tactics brick and mortar retailers and etailers are using this year to get you to purchase from them.

MarketingPlan Pro Software by Palo Alto Software
MarketingPlan Pro software was developed by PaloAlto and powered my marketing guru John Jantsch. I had the opportunity to play with this software package. In this review I share with you the pros and cons and tell you if it's worth your money.

Close More Sales with a Lead Nurturing Process
It's time to take a hard look at the leads you are leaving on the table. That's right, most businesses think that need more leads, but truth is many of these businesses are not nurturing the leads that they are getting. Statistics show that if you are not taking the proper steps to close your sales, then essentially you are losing 79% of your leads. Learn how to create a lead nurturing process step by step.

Demand Generation 101
What is demand generation? Demand generation is about building and nurturing key prospects and customer relationships for an extended duration. Programs within demand generation consist of touch points that are touching the consumer throughout the conversion process and sales cycle. Learn how to create your own demand generation strategy.

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