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MarketingPlan Pro Software by Palo Alto Software

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The Bottom Line

MarketingPlan Pro is an easy software that provides you with a step-by-step guide to create your marketing plan. It is powered by Duct Tape Marketing and provides you with an action-oriented marketing plan that you can put into use today.


  • easy to use
  • integration of goals and marketing activties
  • measure success and milestones
  • create a basic plan in 30 minutes
  • great format that includes charts and tables


  • no Macintosh version - only PC friendly


  • An easy to follow program that walks you through the steps of creating your marketing plan.
  • Creates your marketing plan in a format that uses strong documentation, great tables and explanation graphs.
  • You can use the marketing plan software to gauge your goals and milestones that you've created within your plan.

Guide Review - MarketingPlan Pro Software by Palo Alto Software

I had the opportunity to review a new software developed by Palo Alto Software. This software packaged is called MarketPlan Pro and it's powered by the Duct Tape Marketing superstar John Jantsch.

I'll admit I'm a faithful follower of John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing and it's not just because he lives in my backyard, Kansas City. John and I have had the opportunity to sit down over a cup of coffee and I will tell you he's one of the most down-to-earth marketing gurus out there.

When I first received the email about MarketPlan Pro, I had to jump right on it. If I gauged the questions that came into my inbox on a daily basis I'd have to say that I'm most often asked about creating a marketing plan. The development of a marketing plan can seem overwhelming and often confusing. Even after doing it 10 years I can still get stuck in creating a plan that is clear, concise and effective.

What I love about the MarketPlan Pro software is it helped me by integrating my marketing activities and goals with a roadmap that I could follow. You can even use the software to measure your success and milestones. It creates a simple process that helps you to build supporting documentation for your marketing intiatives not to mention that fact that I absolutely love the charts, tables and the plans format. It's easy to create, easy to read and most of all easy to follow. I even used the basic version and had my marketing plan created in 30 minutes.

One problem I did have with the software is it's not available for a Mac, so sorry Mac users you'll need to wait a bit and keep your fingers crossed that Palo Alto will develop a Mac version soon.

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