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Marketing for NonProfit Organizations

Marketing a nonprofit organization takes the need for a new sense of satisfying not only the consumer but also the donor's needs. Use these resources to learn how you can market your nonprofit organization effectively.

Nonprofit Marketing - Definition of Nonprofit Marketing

Eight Basic Steps to Marketing Your Nonprofit Organization

5 Benefits Non Profit Organizations Gain from Social Media Marketing
Social media— including pages like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, and Google+ — are playing an increasing role in people’s lives, both as a way of connecting with friends and as a way of increasing business activity. Nonprofit marketing in particular has benefited from social media marketing in a number of ways. Learn the benefits of using social...

Nonprofit Marketing - Explore the Social Media Marketing Benefits

Framework for Basic Nonprofit Marketing and Promotions Plan
This guide will help you build the framework that will help you through the completion of a basic nonprofit marketing and promotions plan.

Marketing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations
A five-part series on marketing and the nonprofit organization. Explore the purpose of setting goals and targeting constituents, using the marketing mix and the 6 Ps, developing a marketing plan, and successfully running a promotional campaign.

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