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How To Write A Statement

What Is A Statement, Anyway?


This one confuses a lot of people. Yet a statement is quicker, easier and often more useful than a press release.

Say there's a big news story. Your company just got bought by a bigger rival, you're the quarterback for the Raiders and got traded to the Giants or you're a big-time author who switched publishers.

Sending a press release would be silly and pointles, because people already know what happened. They don't need -- or want -- a pre-packaged version of what the story might look like.

What they want and need are quotes. That's all a statement is: one long quote from the same source.

But not too long. Half a page is plenty.

How To Write A Statement

Statements are written in first person. You don't need quotation marks, because the whole thing is a quote.

Italics are fine, if you want to set off the text. Here's an example:


Statement by Joe Football about trade to Giants

Playing for the Giants is a dream come true for me. I appreciate my time as a Raider, and all the support they've given me, but with a new head coach and general manager coming, I can see why they'd want to install their own system and bring their different people in.

The Giants are a good fit for my skills and it's a pleasure to find a home there. I met with the coaches and players this morning and they're excited to have me on the team.

The doctor said my shoulder healed up fine and I'm not worried about losing any time to injury this year. I feel good about our chances to make the playoffs this year and take a shot at another Super Bowl.

# # #

For interviews:

Fred Johnson, Giants Vice President / Public Relations




A statement has several advantages.

It's shorter and easier to write than a full press release.

It's more likely to get quoted, because a statement has exactly what a reporter wants: quotes from the subject of a hot breaking story.

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