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What Role Does Customer Service Play in Marketing?

Customer Service Determines the Loyalty of a Customer


It's an easier answer than you might think. We spend money to market and to drive customers into our place of business, either via a website or even into a storefront. We've created the path and they walk in, but what happens after they walk in? What service do they encounter? Marketing teaches our customers why they should choose us, customer service shows them why they should keep coming back.

As many of you know my marketing definition is somewhat different than others. For further clarity let me share it with you - I have bolded the components that deal specifically with customer service:

“Marketing is the process of teaching consumers why they should choose your product or service over your competitors; if you are not doing that you are not marketing. It’s really that simple! The key is finding the right method and defining the right message to use to educate and influence your consumers. Companies make the mistake of thinking that marketing is just “one” thing, but marketing is everything that the consumer encounters when it comes to your business, from advertising, to what they hear, to the customer service that they receive, to the follow-up care that you provide. It’s all marketing and creating the decision within the consumer whether or not to choose you initially or for repeat business.”

Customer service is that personal encounter, whether it be via email, telephone or in person. How you conduct that personal experience determines whether you create a customer that has loyalty towards your place of business.

Your marketing got them in the door, but did your service keep them there? Did it create loyalty and dedication to do businesses with you on an ongoing basis?

While a growing business needs to constantly capture new customers, the focus and priority should be on pleasing and keeping your existing customer base. Companies that fail to nurture and retain their customer base ultimately fail.

Marketing brings a customer in, customer service keeps them coming back.

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