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Top 10 Rules for Small Business Success


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  1. Target
    You are not all things to all people. Decide on your niche--narrow your focus and broaden your appeal.
  2. Be Different
    If your competitors are doing it, don't. Stand out from an overcrowded marketplace where so much of the advertising and products look the same.
  3. Build a Team
    Don't hire an employee to fill a position. Employ a person to be part of a team to build your business.
  4. Be Fast
    Time is the most precious commodity. When delivery is expected Friday, show up Thursday afternoon. Return calls and emails now.
  5. Say Thank You
    A lot. Tell your customers and employees how much you appreciate them. Better yet, do it the old fashioned way: take pen to paper and write them a note.
  6. Be Consistent
    Make sure your business has a consistent look and feel. A customer must get the same flavor from everyone within your organization. Always.
  7. Smile
    Throw out the reasons you think people buy from you like price, product quality or your warranty. They buy because they like you.
  8. Fanatical Optimism
    The glass must always be half full. Attitude will always win out in the end and infect all of those around you.
  9. Sell Soft
    Don't ever hard sell. Solve problems. Satisfy wants. Do what is truly best for your customer.
  10. Leave Your Comfort Zone
    Never accept the idea that this is the way you've always done it. Never accept that a new idea or technology could never work for you.

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